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Johannes Schuba

Bespoke websites without the fuss. With strategy and nice gimmicks instead.

My name is Johannes. I develop Statamic websites. Just right for your business, powerful, data-saving, and user-oriented. For companies and agencies.

From me, you get technical expertise and attention to detail with a healthy dose of pragmatism. It's important to me that we communicate as equals and that your future website impresses your customers just as much as your products or services do.

Portrait photo of web developer Johannes Schuba. He wears glasses, smiles lightly into the camera and wears his hair in a bun.

Websites for companies or agencies.

I develop websites directly for companies, self-employed people, or associations. I also work as a Statamic freelancer for agencies and their projects.

A black and white photo of Statamic web developer Johannes Schuba's desk. You can see a large screen with his website open, a laptop, a mouse, and a keyboard on the table. In front of the desk is a desk chair, next to it a rolling container with a plant on it and the coffee magazine "Standart".

Let's create more beautiful places on the Internet!

Having your website or web app is a future-proofing for every company. Having your applications for internal processes makes work easier for employees. Good websites win over new customers. Let's make your website one of the most beautiful places on the Internet.

For companies.

For agencies.

For freelancers.

For you!