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Johannes Schuba

Looking for a Statamic freelancer for your project?

I know that Antlers do not necessarily have to do with a deer. And I also know what high-performance and well-structured projects look like. I implement exactly that as a Statamic freelancer for your agency. Interested?

Statamic freelancer for your agency

I am Johannes and have already implemented many Statamic projects. Different industries, different tech stacks. Always on the hunt for a smart solution. Gladly for you too.

Portrait photo of web developer Johannes Schuba. He wears glasses, smiles lightly into the camera and wears his hair in a bun.

You get a Statamic front-end developer

I bring Statamic experience with me.

No training in Statamic is necessary. Please let me know how you structure your projects. Or show me an example project that I can use as a guide. That way I'm quickly on board.

New projects are not my only thing.

Quickly set up a first version? See the first successes quickly? I like to do that. But I also look forward to completing a project quickly or taking over the maintenance of existing websites for you.

Reliability. Thursday at 10 is Thursday at 10.

I work with deadlines. Good for you, because that's my built-in reliability. When I reserve days for you, they don't change at short notice and I also keep to deadlines. Sounds obvious, but for me it is.

Attention to detail with a healthy dose of pragmatism

I love well-structured projects. Readable code. Sophisticated solutions. Accessibility. Privacy. Performance. I also know when a bit of pragmatism and quick, tried-and-tested solutions are needed for project progress.

Statamic developer for you

A photo of Statamic web developer Johannes Schuba's desk. You can see a large screen with his website open, a laptop, a mouse, and a keyboard on the table. In front of the desk is a desk chair, next to it a rolling container with a plant on it and the coffee magazine "Standart".

I like Statamic. I like using it to create websites. I like switching between different projects. And my goal is for you to notice that in your Statamic agency. For me, the next website is not just the next. Every project requires attention, and that's what your projects get from me. I value honest and respectful communication in a good collaboration. Soon with you too?




All things front-end für dein Projekt.