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Johannes Schuba

(Statamic) Web design & development

I use Statamic as a content management system to build bespoke websites. Flexible, extensible, high-performance.

That's important to me

Everything is handmade.

My websites do not come out of a website builder. No template. Everything is conceived and developed for you. This allows us to respond to your individual needs. Your website can grow with your business and be expanded with new functionality at a later date.

User-oriented with privacy in mind.

I put the users of your website first. Your website doesn't need to load unnecessary data from third-party servers or track visitors extensively. I always strive to keep the resources used by a website to a minimum. This also saves resources for the climate.

Communication on an equal footing.

No tech English for you if you don't want it. I'm happy to talk to you about my favorite Laravel feature. But if that doesn't mean anything to you, I'll explain all the information you need without technical jargon. You don't have to study computer science for this.

I can also join your agency as a freelancer

Do you need support with Statamic projects? I am always looking to work with (creative) agencies and build websites for you as a Statamic freelancer.

A black and white photo of Statamic web developer Johannes Schuba's desk. You can see a large screen with his website open, a laptop, a mouse, and a keyboard on the table. In front of the desk is a desk chair, next to it a rolling container with a plant on it and the coffee magazine "Standart".

This is how we do it

How does it work? Let me explain. After your inquiry and a non-binding meeting, the following phases usually follow.

We create a concept.

The concept is crucial for the success of a website. It is therefore important for me to know what content should be presented on your website. Based on this, an initial structure can be developed.

Based on this, it is clear which components your website needs. I can develop these for you. If you already have a design, this is of course already done beforehand and after an initial consultation, we can move on to implementation.

During this phase, I will also give you an insight into your future content management system Statamic. This will give you an insight into how you can easily edit the content of your website yourself later on.

I push pixels and write code.

After the concept phase and the development of your content, this is the point at which you can sit back and relax. Now it's mainly my turn. I take care of the web design and implement it using the latest technologies. I would describe my style as minimalist, modern, and no frills.

I write the code for your website in a structured and clear way so that other developers can also understand it. Because one thing is important to me: I'm not the only one who can maintain and expand your website later on.

Your website receives updates and new features.

Once your new website is online, it's not over yet. And that's a good thing! Is your company evolving, new lines of business are being added or does your website still need a section for registered users? I'll be happy to take care of that for you. Just like updating the Statamic content management system. This way, your website will always be a good flagship for your company.